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This page is dedicated for those that want to get a Amateur License

Notice !!   (No  !!!! Testing in  December 2016) We are having a Testing Session on ( June 16th, 2016) about 6pm to 7pm. This will take place an hour before our Club Meeting.  It worked out great last year and we plan on doing it again this year. So if you want to get your License as a new Tech, or upgrade all the way to Extra. We will have VE's there. So study NOW!!!       Go to our Home Page for directions to our Club Meeting Site

12 Day Crash Course to get your Tech License.

....On Saturday Nov 5th 2016 we will have a Tech Study Class at the Board of Supervisors Chamber in Visalia. This will start at 10am and will conclude at 4 pm. Please bring a Flash Drive or a unformatted DVD / CD. If you can spare a extra DVD / CD that would be great for others who forget to bring one. Bring a Laptop if you can. I have CD's made up and you can follow the class with the Laptop. If you can't bring a Laptop , you can follow the material projected on wall. There is no cost for the class. Bring something to write with and a note pad. Also bring something to drink. We will take breaks as needed.
...The room is provided by the County. I'm not charging for any of my time. There will be another Class the following Saturday on the rest of the study material Feb 13th. Than on the following Thursday you can take a Technician test if you think you are ready. There will be a $15 cost to take that test. Please Call me if you are interested in taking the Class. Have cash or check made out to ( TCARC ) the day of the Test.

....Nov 5th 2016 Rules and Regulations governing Amateur Radio

....Nov 12th 2016 The Electronics part of Amateur Radio

....Nov 17th 2016 VE Test Session for Amateur Radio 6pm to 7 pm

Call: Larry Taylor KF6JBG  (559) 786-7033


ARRL Practice Test Info.

---Free Practice test
---Pay Study and Practice Exam's

You can download all the question and test answers from NCVEC.    A note!  The bracket after the question has the correct answer listed there. A Tip! Just study the questions and the correct answer. Don't even read the incorrect answers. During the test the answer will jump out at you when you read it.. Good Luck and we will see you there.  73  Larry KF6JBG VE