The following are some links that I hope that someone can find useful, I have certainly found them useful. ARRL Web Site ARRL NewsLine FEMA On line Training Web Site San Joaquin Valley, CA Weather Radar

Online Study Materials

NCVEC Test Question Pool

Online Information (Podcasts/Videos)

Ham Nation (Twit TV) Every Wednesday at 6:00

iPad Study Materials

KochTrainer - this trainer allows you to learn Morse Code in a very quick fashion, this trainer focuses on learning Morse code at the speed that you want to learn it.

Exam Prep - The website may not be all that great but the application is a great study guide for those who are looking to achieve their Amateur Radio License. The following are direct links to the application (Full Version: Technician, General, Extra)

Antenna Building Resources

Feb 2015 Club Build Project  10 Meter Antenna using 450 ohm Ladder line.  Here is a PDF file of the project that we will build after the club meeting. 10m Slim Jim antenna If you want to build on your own, go ahead and bring it to the meeting. If you want to build it there, call me so I can have enough supplies.  Larry Taylor KF6JBG  (559) 786-7033 - This is a simple two band antenna that can be put into your go bag. AmSat Informaiton (Amateur Radio Satellite) Flyby predictions Grid Square Finder

This is the status page for the DSTAR Repeaters on park ridge


This page is the Registration for DSTAR Global Systems located on park ridge Note!!!!  You will get an error message (security certificate) Go ahead and click on Continue to this website (not recommended). 

    (It will  take you where you can sign in, or register.)


This link takes you to the page with the Repeater Site Webcams

Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3, Camera 4


Digital Mobile Radio link to Nor Cal DMR pages


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