New Tech Study Class to start May 2019

..If you want to get your Technician Class License we are starting a new Study Class in May on Saturday 4th with study on Parts 0 through 5 and on the 11th parts 6 through 9 with on hands with parts and equipment. So far every one who has taken the class's and studied has passed.

Future Classes will be in Aug and Nov 2019

..The first Saturday runs from 10am to 4pm, usually we are done near 3pm. The fallowing Saturday runs till 4pm , but we are normally done by 1pm with questions about amateur related stuff lasting till late. There are no fees for this class. If you can bring a Lap top that can take a Thumb Drive, or bring Blank CD's /DVD's.  I have made up the study materials for you to take home and any extras  Blank CD's /DVD's would be appreciated. If you want me to print out a hard copy to use and take home could you bring 25 sheets of laser print paper. The CD's and Print paper are my only out of pocket expense. I don't charge for my time and the room is provided by the County.

..When you finished the class on the 11th you can plan on taking the test on the following Thursday. Before our club meetings from 6pm to 7pm we have a Test Session and every thing is fresh in your mind. The test takes most people under 30 min to take. You can miss 9 out of the 35 question and still pass.

..This all takes place at the Tulare County Board of Supervisors Chambers, 2800 W. Burrel in Visalia.  Burrel is the street that runs west in front of the Court House from Mooney Blvd. We are down at the end a few blocks. You will see my Pickup with a big sign pointing to the Study Class  entrance door that sitting on top of my Camper Shell. Call me and let me know that you would like to take the Study Class.

Larry Taylor KF6JBG

Cell (559) 786 7033